Fixed Price Website Redesign

From $499

The Website Redesign process is all about taking an old, tired looking and slow loading website and bringing it in line with current best practices, the site visitors and Google’s expectations.

It’s all quite simple really. People searching online for a product or service that your business provides happens across your website. They like what you have to offer and they make an inquiry (or make a purchase). Your website has done it’s job.

The sole purpose of a business having a website is to generate loyal customers.

Unfortunately, as simple as this process is, their are challenges that make it a little more complected. The main culprit for visitors to your site leaving without making an inquiry or a purchase is they cannot find what they were looking for.

Responsive Design

Is your site mobile friendly? In other words, do visitors have to zoom or pinch the content to make it readable on their device?

Site Security

Google now expects your site to have SSL security. Are you displaying the green padlock in the browser address bar?


Is your website ranking on Google as best it can? Is it ranking on page 1? Your brand needs to be visible to be found.

Customer Satisfaction

Do visitors return to your website? Did they find value in their last visit and consider your website worth revisiting?

Call To Action

Are visitors staying on your website or do they leave without making contact? If a visitor cannot find what they are looking for, they will simply leave.

Brand Reflection

Does your web site reflect your current brand? Often a business will update their colour scheme or the whole logo but not carry the update to their website.

Where to go from here

Updating with a fresh website redesign just for the sake of it is costly and quite frankly, a waste of time. Comparing your current website’s performance against what you a trying to achieve is the first logical step.

BUT, we have come across many cases when a website is so out of date that metrics such as Google Analytics have never been implemented – meaning you have little which to measure your website’s performance.

If you think we can help, let us know!

We love helping those with online ambitions. We are extremely well aware that ideas are hard to share sometimes. You can be rest assured we will never, ever share your ideas with anyone outside of our design team.

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